Explanation Needed: WTF Is Android L?

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As you know a couple of weeks ago Google held its annual keynote address dubbed the I/O Developers Conference. This keynote address is held every year located in San Francisco where a bevy of upcoming products is set to be released later on in the year from Google,in particularly the unveiling of the  newest Android devices. Probably the biggest draw to everyones attention was Google's Android Wear smart watches, but the one smartwatch that really peaked everyone's interest was the Moto 360 smartwatch (at least it got my attention) but if you aren't a Android user and monitored the I/O keynote most of the developers conference was dedicated to Android L. If you're a non Android user and is rather curious to what Android L is then you're in luck. I bet you were asking yourself  WTF exactly is Android L? You have just wondered into the dimension better known as Explanation Needed where in so many words will do my best to explain Android L to some of masses who are on other mobile platforms such as Windows phone, Tizen and iOS.

Android L is basically Google's newest mobile OS that has a institution of an abundance of brand new features and technologies that will be incorporated into multiple platforms which will include Android TV,the car platform Android Auto, wearable tech such as Android Wear. Android L entire user interface is a newest design language will be referred to as "material design". This is a expansion card motif can be seen on the newest version of Google Now. The design itself is much cleaner with an increased amount of grad-based layouts,much more responsive animations and in depth effects of lighting and shadows.

Android L will introduce a much more refreshed notification system. Individualized notification will now be displayed in a card like fashion which will coincide with the material language. An abundance of notifications can now be grouped by an app that was produced by them. Notifications can also now be viewed on a locked screen. Probably the most important feature in Android L is the ART feature which is acronym for Android RunTime ,explaining this feature would more than likely be a a whole new Explanation Needed post by itself,but to put it in a nutshell, ART is a replacement of Dalvik Virtual Machine which has been a staple for most versions of Android for quite some time. If you're a developer or a Android power user then you know that samples of ART are present in Android KitKat. Without getting real technical because this is Explanation Needed, ART is a cross platform runtime which will lend support to other architectures such as x86 (x86 will be featured in the next Explanation Needed stay tune), ARM and MIPS. To sum it all up,ART will vastly improve application performance and power usage.

There you have it,the ins and outs of Android L and what it all means. If you like to see more posts like this drop your comment in the box below,or if for some reason my Explanation Needed isn't accurate feel free to correct me.