The Apple iPhone 6 Sapphire Glass Leaks With Confirm Video Footage

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Its almost certain now that we will see a 4.7-inch IPhone  with all the leaks that has taken place in the last two months alone,Apple mine as well launch the iPhone 6 right now. In the  past month or so,we eve seen our share of actual video footage's from tech vloggers having an actual iPhone 6 physical mock ups with no hardware present of course. Now the latest leak that's taken the tech world by storm is glass,sapphire glass that is. Its appears the upcoming iPhone 6 will ditch Corning Gorilla glass for the Sapphire glass front.

You might be asking what is the difference between Gorilla glass and Sapphire glass? Its strength,sapphire glass is more durable,less resistance to scratches,and the glass can with force bend without it even breaking in half,in fact there are video footage's of the glass going through a battery of bend tests. If you are a follower of several tech sites then you know this is not a surprise as Apple were rumored to switch from Gorilla glass to Sapphire glass.

Other specs that's expected on the iPhone 6 are a A9 chip,a much thinner body ( which we all seen the mock up models), and a 128GB storage. Want proof of such glass exist,check out the video on the bottom of this post.



Credit Source: Pocket Lint, MKHD