The iPhone 6 Leaks,Mock Ups Montage Right Before Your Eyes

File-It-Under: Leaked gadgets By: D.F.Skin  




As the iPhone 6 rapidly approaches its launch,you're seeing more and more mock up images and leaked parts on Internet. Its seems each day  some well known tech website is showing leaked images of the iPhone 6 body of work from places unknown. I guess showing leaked images of Apple's next generation device makes for great viewership, and rightfully so. The iPhone 6 is the most highly anticipated smartphone of the year thus far.Not because its the iPhone 6,because Apple's  famed device will get a whole new design,thinner build,much bigger display.If you by any chance didn't get to view the latest leaks and mock ups,just below this post is a little montage I put together  of all the leaks and mock ups that's been posted on the web in the past several months.