PC Tools Weekly Presents: SoundVolume View

File-It-Under: System tools By: D.F.Skin  


Its been quite some time since I posted PC Tools Weekly,for that I apologize. To make it up to your readers,I have a nice free app for you that you'll love call SoundVolume View. Its a very simple tool that is compatible for Windows Vista (yes Windows Vista sadly still exist) Windows 7 and Windows 8. It generally displays information and current volume levels for all of your active sound components that's connected to your computer, and it allows you to mute and unmute them in a instant. SoundVolume View also allows you to save a sound profile into a file,containing the current volume level each and every sound component, it also defaults your sound devices and then later loads that same file to restore the exact same volume levels and settings. There's even an extensive command-line support for all you power users. SoundVolume View performs all of these feats without having a definitive user interface.

SoundVolume View doesn't require any installation process or any additional files. In order to start using this application,simply run the executable file, which looks like this -SoundVolume View.exe. After running SoundVolume View,the main window displays all of your sound items that's currently running in your system. There are 3 types of items you need to look for,there is devices,subunits, and application volume.Each item the current volume level is displayed in a percent unit. For devices and subunits, the volume is also displayed in decibels, For subunits,the volume level is displayed for every channel separately.

Unlike most of the free software I've recommended,SoundVolume View download file is not on the buggy site like Cent download,this software can be found on Nirsoft which by the way has no malware or spyware that's attached to its files. Go ahead and download and give SoundVolume View a shot and tell me what you think.