PC Tools Weekly: ChromePass v1.25

File-It-Under: Tools for the system By: D.F.Skin chromepass


Welcome to the long overdue PC Tools Weekly where I recommend free PC Tools for your system,valuable software that you should have stored on your hard drive. Today we take a close look at one of my favorite tools of all time,ChromePass. ChromePass is a small password recovery tool that allows users to view user names and password thats stored in Google Chrome,this tells you a lot about how secure or lack thereof your browser is,we'll leave that for another time and post. For each password that you enter,your following information is displayed in the following formats: Origin URL, Action URL, Username Field, Password Field, User Name,Created Time.

ChromePass does not require users use any installation process or any additional DDL. files. In order to start using ChromePass,just simply run the actual executable file- ChromePass exe. After you install the file,the main window will display all of your passwords that are currently stored within your Google Chrome browser.

Using ChromePass requires you to really read each steps to this application very carefully as it has a very steep learning curve,but the app is very effective and does an excellent job recovery all of your accounts passwords.If you have a sudden case of brain freeze and just can't think of your current password to one of your accounts,give this app a try, the download file is currently available on Nirsoft website.