Explanation Needed: Whats The Difference Between A PC and Server

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There are those who really believe that the desktop computer and computer server or Server for short have a lot in common,in some ways they do. Both have a hard drive,RAM and a processor,pretty much same standard hardware needed to run an operating system and software,but hardware is where the similarities ends. In so many words or less in this installment of of "Explanation Needed" we take a look at the difference between the Desktop PC and the Server.In order to really break down the difference between both systems,we have to take a close examination at the two systems separately.

With the Server it has slightly better  supreme hardware a faster processor more,memory to meet high demands. In essence servers are kept running for days,weeks and months at a time,thus requires the server resort to Redundancy technology known as RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks) this allows certain components to fail (in particularly the hard drives) without interrupting the entire system. There are a wide variety of configurations and applications to servers, some you probably are familiar with,DNS servers,mail servers,HTTP servers,game servers and many more. To put it in a nutshell, servers main purpose is to send and retrieve files stored on a disk. Now it is possible to turn any PC into a server if you are doing small operations,but for much bigger task that involves business you'll rely more heavily on a server.You have specialized software and operating systems that is constructed for the sole purpose for server functionality.

The Desktop computer on the other hand typically runs a user-friendly operating system and desktop applications that facilitate desktop tasks. Desktop computers don't have the need to run 24 hours in a day,there is also no need to use Redundancy type technology that needs to keep the system going during usage. Though you pretty much have the same type of hardware,both operate very differently