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How To Shop For A Good Surge Protector

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Probably the most underrated device that never get talked about is the Surge Protector,yet its a device that is always needed because it offers protection to your computers and electronic equipment from power surges and sudden brownouts. Most of the the time when people purchase a surge protector they'll choose the cheapest that money can buy,or they just don't know what constitutes as a well constructed surge protector. Follow me along lead and  I'll show you how to shop for the best surge protector that money can buy.

There are several factors that go into purchasing a real good quality surge protector,in fact there are many factors, but lets talk about the core main points in shopping for a good quality surge protector. First in foremost don't get cheap with the cash,don't purchase some cheap flimsy surge protector that you'll find in most a stores,when it comes to quality in a surge protector my advice is go in the $30-$50 price range

When shopping for a surge protector Buy the right number of ports, you should not assume that every single surge protector has 6 to 8 ports,try your best to get a surge protector that has at least 12 ports so you don't have to resort to daisy chain surge protector, the more ports you have the better. Try to Consider the gear that will be plug into that surge protector. Make a mental note in the things that you're going to plug into the surge protector that you plan on purchasing.  As I mention in the opening post I said I would always consider paying top dollar for a surge protector,but if you tight on the budget,purchase a surge protector that's appropriate for the equipment you will be using. For an example your home theater equipment and computers will call for a more robust surge protector.

This is probably the most important thing you should consider doing when buying a surge protector and that's Check for the UL seal and make sure its a transient voltage surge suppressor. Make sure the surge protector you plan on purchasing has the certified UL label which is acronym for Underwriter's Laboratories and it meets the UL 1449 standard (this is required for all be label "transient voltage surge suppressor). A quality surge protector should always protect that equipment that's attached to it. Another important measure you should take is Check the surge protector energy adsorption rating and the clamping voltage. The absorption rating on the surge protector is what the name itself implies,it basically telling you how much energy can be absorb before it all fails. You usually want something that's measures 6-700 joules or higher, the the higher the number the better. Then we have the clamping which is the voltage that  triggers the surge protector when it wakes up and absorbs energy. You want to look for a number that measures around 400 V or less,in this case the lower the number the better.

Finally like all devices that you purchase you want to Check the warranty.  In the case of the surge protectors you have a warranties that covers damages to devices that's connected to it in case there's a surge in power. Find out and see what is covered and what isn't covered. You want to also inquire how can you file a warranty claim and when the surge protector bails on you.



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