If Money Is No Object: The MainGear Epic Rush Gaming PC

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Most of the time I try very hard to appease the budget conscious tech consumers that following this website.  I Want to instill in the minds of the masses that you can enjoy technology without breaking the pockets,I mean that is what this whole Tekspecz.net experience is all about . Sometimes though you just have to make an exception,I mean if want to enjoy sheer quality in a product that requires you to over step your bounds in the money department then spend the money fuck it,don't be a penny pinching cheapo. In case of MainGear's Rush gaming PC I say now would be a time to empty out the bank account and treat yourself to this overly expensive gaming system that cost in upwards of about $8,000.

What do you get with this $8,000 machine, you get a a lot and more. MainGear is famous for their well crafted,well  design computer cases that stocked with heavy duty hardware. Thing I love about this particular computer, the MainGear Epic Rush is the computer case (or Chassis) has a  perfectly straight angle design,nice and compact like all their other  computers they have on the market,if you been following my website you know that I have a love affair with sleek,compact devices,so excuse me if I'm getting a little salty over the design of this particular computer.


This MainGear Epic Rush gaming rig has some serious over the top hardware: Starting off with an Intel Core i7 4960x Six-core processor that measures 3.6GHz of core speed/a 4.0GHz Turbo boost,15MB of raw L3 Cache with an extra additive of Hyper Threading. Here's where it gets serious,when it comes down to graphic cards the MainGear Epic Rush is spared no expense(Literally) connected to its PCIe slot are two AMD Radeon R9 295x2 with an advanced water cooling system that's attached. The graphic card and processor rests on probably one of the best motherboard on the market in my opinion and that's the Asus Rampage IV Gene,the RAM for this gaming system also gets the top billing,as the machine comes stocked with  16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3-2133(4x4GB). In the storage department MainGear has gone with two 500GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD (w/TRIM support) that's A  total of 1TB of SSD storage that configured in a RAID 0 setup.

small_maingear-rush-3This gaming rig of  god like proportion cannot function without having raw power to jump start that incredible hardware that's inside,that's why MainGear decided to provide this machine with 1600 Watts of raw power,the LEPA G Series G1600-MA to be exact. Aside from the incredible hardware within this machine, the star of the show is its unique cooling setup. Unique in that the entire cooling system is engineered and customized by MainGear, absolutely no proprietary parts whatsoever.

MainGear unlike other computer manufacturers refrain  from installing a bunch of bloated software commonly known as the dreaded bloatware,which can tax storage space on your hard drive before you even install your first own software. When you open up the box and plug in your brand new $8,000 PC,you get a very clean Windows 8.1 installation.

If I wanted a PC that spared no expense in hardware department, then its safe to say the MainGear Epic Rush gaming rig would certainly be my choice,would it be yours?