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Top Five Important Factors I Look For In a Good Smartphone

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Early Spring and Fall is usually right around the time you'll see new smartphones being release to market. Samsung and Apple seem to stick to the script and schedule when releasing their devices to mass market. With that said,before embarking on a new smartphone or rush out to buy that smartphone because its the next big thing,there a list of criteria that you should use as a guideline when deciding if that particular smartphone is for you.

Everyone smartphone consumer have a personal preference in what makes up a good smartphone,but for me there are 5 important factors in no particular order I look for in a good smartphone,and they are.....


1: Design

The exterior of every smartphone is what normally attracts the eye of the consumer. For me the design is very important, if a device is sleek and compact in design that's usually adds to my final decision on whether or not if I should purchase that smartphone,sex appeal in a smartphone is usually a big selling point for me.

2: Hardware

Usually this would fall in a stable category,smartphones that have above average hardware will lend itself to it being stable. Good hardware is what enables the mobile OS and applications to run smoothly on your device.

3: Applications

Lets face it,apps are the single reason why smartphones and tablets are rapidly replacing traditional desktop computers and laptops. When it comes down to determining if I want to shell out the cash for the smartphone I usually venture into the smartphones app store and view the list of apps that's created for that device. The single reason why I have yet ventured off to Android is because of the unlimited list of apps you have at your disposal on the iOS platform.

4: Battery Life

As a  iPhone 5s user maybe I should excuse myself for even mentioning anything that pertains to battery life. Nevertheless,battery life is still something every single consumer should make as the main selling point in a smartphone. In my opinion you should garnish at least a full day worth of battery power off of one single charge,depending on usage of course.


My smartphone almost always have to have clarity, I don't want see any visible pixels on that particular device. Most if not all smartphone manufacturers has done an astounding job creating devices with excellent displays.



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