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This Is The Gerber Essential GDC Money Clip Knife: The Quick Review

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Who said gadgets I review on this website has to be written in binary computer code or have dedicated hardware that consist of a standard hard drive and processor,no.Gadgets can be anything,if its practical and fits in your pockets, its a gadget.That's why I'm introducing the readers to the GDC Money Clip Knife made by Gerber Essentials.

I actually found this little gadget you see in the image above while surfing several YouTube channels,this particular channel was Unbox Therapy which is one of my favorite YouTube channels,did an unboxing review of the GDC Money Clip Knife on his channel. The inquisitive,curious person that I am always willing to get my hands on a particular piece of tech or gadget that peaks my interest,the GDC Money Clip Knife certainly peaked my interest. I went on to order the money clip knife from Amazon and I have some things to say about it.


Since this is a quick review here's my thoughts on this James Bondish slash CIA operative type gadget.I have to say its a pretty practical little device,holds my business cards very well,keeps my money secured in place,pretty much what you expect in any money clip,but the standout feature is the knife. The knife itself slides out very easy with one push of the button. Though its easy for the knife to slide out,I found it at times a little difficult to slide the knife back in.

Now I'm very curious why the need for the knife,is this a weapon,an easy access box cutter,or just something to show off to your friends to generate a little wow factor,I don't know. Somehow I get the funny feeling that this little gadget will save my life one day, though I dread that thought.


Anyway,the GDC Money Clip Knife serves some purpose I highly recommend this gadget if you're fan of  James Bond or maybe just looking for some protection?(Shrugs) You can log onto Amazon right an order this little gizmo which retails for $25,99.


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