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PC Tools Weekly: Classic Shell Start-Menu

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If by any chance that you finally have the balls to let go of Windows Xp and ventured off to Windows 8.1 then you're probably one of several million frustrated new Windows 8 users who asked this one question,where's the start menu and start button? One of the things for me that has ruined Windows 8 besides forcing users to resort to the Metro Tile interface is the lack of a Start Menu or Button.Its a tedious task trying to access your files and applications.Well there is good news there is actually a way to put back the Start button and even get back that Start menu,its not a hack,but in a form of a application call Classic Shell Start-Menu,and more important its free.

Classic Shell is a free software that improves the productivity,enhances the usability of Windows and empower others to use computer the way you like it. OK lets cut to the chase and make it simple for you readers,Classic Shell is a free software that puts back the Start Button and Menu where it should be,end of story.Its a software that uses the old Windows 7 style Start Menu. The good thing about Classic Shell is when you boot up your Windows 8 computer you are taken right straight to your desktop,not the Metro Tile interface. Basically the software acts as a hack and tweaks the systems registry,tricks your operating system into thinking its Windows 7.

Now if you by any chance you still like the Metro Tile interface,then good news,that is still accessible,the only massive change to the operating system is the appearance of the Start Button and Menu which by the way is gladly welcomed by the way. The software is free on classicshell website, its straight forward app once you download the app,the Start Button and Menu will appear right where it use to be,in the left hand corner.Upon installation requires you to restart your computer in order to infuse the Start Menu and Button into the Windows 8 operating system.

Give Classic Shell a shot,in fact this is a required download if you're new to Windows 8 or you just have not been informed about this particular app.


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