Amazons Week Ending Deals: FluxMob Bolt 3000mAh Backup and Wall Charger

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I'm always big on mobile devices in  need for that extra power,especially when you own the iPhone 5 series smartphone (that's the iPhone 5 and 5S). You know there is always a need to have the extra battery LIFE at your disposal just in case your iPhone 5 loses power after an hour of usage,which almost always happens if you own a iPhone 5,if you know what I mean.Bring in the FluxMob Bolt Battery Backup and Wall Charger, this little device allows users to charge your device via power brick via the wall socket,yet you can detach the battery from the brick and use it as a portable battery charger which you can bring with you anywhere,pretty nifty ain't it. The Bolt is a very sleek compact design which you should know by now I love my compact sleek devices, its a 3000mAh Lithium-Ion battery that's perfect in balance of portability and capacity. It has Smart Charge Technology which automatically bypasses the battery when at full charge,it has 500+ lifetime use cycle.

I just ordered this device as we speak,I saw this device featured on a YouTube channel. Now $59.99 might be a bit stretch for this small device,but you consider the fact that this is a all in-one unit,a wall charger,portable backup battery infused in one. In the coming days I will do a full review on this unit so stay tune. You can currently order this device on Amazon of course which they have plenty in stock.