Rapid Facts: The Intel Core M Processor Broadwell Architecture and Its 14nm Proces

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Welcome to the newly minted feature on Tekspecz.net Rapid Facts where we take the piece of hardware or software but mainly hardware that's generating lots of buzz amongst the tech community, instead of boring you with all the  Symantec's and bombard with excessive amount of information,you'll just need to know main core facts about what makes this piece or hardware or software the next big thing. Today we take a close look at the Intel Core M Processor which is set on the Broadwell Architecture based on the 14nm process.

Core Facts info

The Broadwell architecture is a step up from the Haswell architecture which was released in 2013, which is constructed on a 22nm process. The Broadwell-Y is pretty impressive,its architecture will feature Intel's new 14nm tri-gate process technology, there will be huge improvements in power consumption,much thinner form factor and you'll have devices with longer lasting battery life. Broadwell-Y will stretch to a much lower TDPs which will enable 9nm or fanless design of devices.

Why is This a Big Deal?

This will be huge for laptop manufacturers because it will enable much thinner form factor,more than ever you'll have a dynamic range of frequencies which in turn will bring improved graphic performance. You'll have longer lasting battery life which is always important when dealing with mobile devices.