Om/One Bluetooth Speakers That Actually Levitates

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Bluetooth speakers are starting to be a dime of dozen nowadays, I mean that are practically everywhere. You'll likely see the die hard gadget hound with Bluetooth speakers placed in the office or in the living room.

Most Bluetooth speakers that are on the market surprisingly have incredible sound output, but lacking is great design or some sort of standout features. Seems like no matter who's the manufacture is,Bluetooth speakers seem to stick to the same script in terms of design, you know the cylindrical build with its semi oval ends. What we need is a manufacturer  to think outside of the box and come up with a set of Bluetooth speakers that psychedelic in design,yet at the same time has eye catching features. I may have found those Bluetooth speakers and they go by the name of Om/One.

The Om/One speakers score big in both design originality and features,but there is one thing that these particular speakers can do that all Bluetooth speakers on the market can't do and that's levitate.The Bluetooth speakers actually spin around and levitate over a magnetic base while playing your favorite tunes, a definite industry first.


Venturing in depth into the Om/One speakers,it consist of a base and a rounded spherical speaker that levitates,it gently spins around thanks in part to its magnetic base technology. The sphere shape speaker can also act as a portable device, meaning you can take the speakers with you everywhere minus the magnetic base.The Om/One speakers includes a microphone that can be used to handle phone calls. Besides the the speakers spherical design and the fact that it floats,probably the best feature for me is the battery life,you can squeeze out an incredible 15 hours of battery power from the Om/One speakers which is a selling point.

The Om/One speakers are currently in the prototype stage and going through a series of crowd funding campaign so it can immediately begin production. The campaign itself was launched several days ago and its halfway towards its goal of $100,000 with 49 days left. If you by any chance want to get your hands on this sick Bluetooth speakers it'll cost your $179. Delivery is expected to take place in December.


The Om/One speakers will have three flavored color schemes,your basic black,white, and there is even a disco ball version which will cost you $299.

Sure there are much cheaper Bluetooth speakers currently on the market,but Om/One is banking that consumers will be blown away by the sci-Fi-ish floating ball.