The Tekspecz Back To School Tech Guide: Laptops

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Welcome  to annual "Back to School Tech Guide" where each year I recommend tech gadgets,computers for studious masses.This is how it works,each gadget I'll recommend we'll be based on your level of income,the money means nothing level,mid level exception and the person who's on the student loan budget. All of the gadgets I recommend for me are the best that money can buy,no matter your financial situation.We kick things off with Laptops,arguably the most used gadget not only on the college level,but used also in grade school and high school.Most schools actually require students to bring a laptop to class.Whether you're an adult student attending college or a middle school attendee,here's a list of laptops that'll enhance your thirst for knowledge.




Money ain't a Thing


The Razer Blade Gaming Laptop






Arguably the best gaming laptop on the market in my opinion,if you're looking for a nice laptop that is compact and sleek in design,yet has heavy duty hardware for gaming, then this laptop is perfect.Incredible hardware packed into very thin laptop.Most gaming laptops are usually thick in girth because it has some serious hardware packed inside that needs extra cooling(the extra fans is what takes up the space). Razer manages to cram all of that impeccable hardware into a thin uni-body.If your looking to take a break from your studies and game without resorting to using your gaming consoles,the Raze Blade laptop is the business.

Price Point: $2,490

Where to buy: Razer 



The Next Best Thing

The Macbook Air 11-inch
















The MacBook Air is probably the main staple with students especially at the college level and rightfully so. It has a slender and sleek build that fits nicely in the backpack and doesn't compromise desk space. The sleek thin design of the 11-inch MacBook Air does not compromise in the hardware department as it has a native 1366 by 768 resolution display,it has a 128GB PCIe based flash storage drive, 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (with a 2.7GHz Turbo Boost), and 4GB of 1600MHz LPDDR 3 on-board memory. The standout feature with the 11-inch MacBook Air is it's incredible battery life due in part to its Intel Haswell processor which does not consume a heavy load of power.

Price Point: $899

Where To Buy:


The Student Loan Budget

The Idea Pad Yogi 211















I normally try to steer people away from buying computers that cost under $500,I mean you usually get what you pay for, and that's crappy hardware. In the case of the Idea Pad Yogi which is made buy Lenovo I have to make an exception. Lenovo make some of the best laptops around,from the low cost version, to the high end models,they are all well constructed pieces of machinery. It has a pretty decent display resolution that comes in at 1366 x 768, a 2.17 GHz Intel Pentium N processor,the standard 4GB of RAM, and 500GB of storage space. If you're in very tight budget but absolutely need that laptop for class,get this hybrid device.

Price Point: $450

Where To Buy: Best Buy