The Tekspecz Back To School Tech Guide: Tablets

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Coming up with a list of recommended tablets for the Back To School Guide is rather tough without being impartial to the Apple tablets. Lets face it,Apple are the only ones who gotten it right with the tablet while everyone else is still playing catch up. And it make things even tougher when me myself has owned several iPads to date thus far. Nonetheless there are some pretty decent tablets out there that is not name iPad and reasonable in price. Lets take a look at the tablets that will make a great gadget of choice for the classroom.


The Tablet Elite (Retina Display)

      iPad  Air



It took Apple several generations of iPad's to construct the perfect tablet,the hard work has paid off as we have that perfect tablet and its call the iPad Air (retina display). This is the best tablet on the market thus far,in fact its the only tablet on the market that's worth buying. Its perfect in size, compact and lite in weight. The breakout feature with the new iPad Air is its retina display,and it also has some pretty good hardware within,it has the new and much faster A7 64-bit processor which makes for a very smooth stable running tablet. Because of its lite weight and compact sleek design,the iPad Air will fit nicely in your backpack without comprising any space.

Price Point: $629 

Where to buy: Apple












The 2nd Tier Option

iPad Mini



If you're a big fan of the 7-inch tablets then you'll love the iPad mini. Just like the iPad Air,the Mini has the perfect compact build and is lite in weight. It fits perfect in the hand.

Price Point: $529 

Where To Buy: Apple









The Budget Option

The Nexus 7

nexus-7 (1)

The Nexus 7 tablet is the ultimate game changer as it was the first successful 7-inch tablet to bold well with consumers. In fact you can say the Nexus 7 tablet inspired Apple to make design changes to their tablet line. I'm pretty sure there would be no iPad Air nor iPad mini if not for the Nexus 7.  The Nexus 7 has a pretty bright Corning glass display that comes in at 1920 x 1200 HD which closely rivals that of Apple's retina display.The hardware within the Nexus 7 pretty decent as it has 16-32GB of actual storage,2GB of dedicated RAM, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that measures 1.5GHz. Another nice compact device that will fit snugly in your backpack.

Price Point:$229

Where To Buy: Google Play