The Tekspecz Back To School Tech Guide: Smartphones

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Whats a tech buyers guide without listing an assortment of recommended smartphones for the collective masses that's acquiring their education in the upcoming Fall (in most areas of the country school session is now in). Smartphones are rapidly becoming the most used device that accesses the Internet,statistics has proven this fact. We practically perform numerous amount of tasks on our trustee smartphone from gaming (Candy Crush Ugh!) to banking,all done on our hand held devices. I not to long ago posted an article on this very same website where title of the post was: What to look for in a good smartphone" well something to that nature,my memory is a bit off,but you get the point. Anyway there are some pretty bad-ass smartphones on the market. Here's a list of smartphones that should be an included in backpack or pockets  for school.



The Elitist

HTC One M8

When it comes down to design and hardware combination being perfect,you have to give it the HTC One M8. In fact the design of this illustrious smartphone has set standards on how a smartphone should be design. Why can't all smartphones have speakers place on the bottom and top of the device. If the design of the smartphone doesn't win you over,if by chance you're a photo buff then you'll love the Duo Camera feature that enables users tweak images depth of field,you can also add other post produced effects to images.

Price Point: $649 off contract

Where to Buy: Amazon






The Elite

OnePlus One

One of the best smartphones on the market not made from a Samsung variant or has an Apple stamp of approval. The OnePlus One smartphone has some of most top notched hardware ever seen in a smartphone,created by a little known company out of China called,you guessed it OnePlus. If you want to be the first on your campus to rock this beast of a smartphone then you're out of luck, well somewhat. In order to even get access to the OnePlus One smartphone you need to get an invite because they are very  scarce on the  market. Once you get hold of this device,offerings are far and beyond with its impeccable hardware and custom CyanogenMod firmware.

Prince Point: $299 off contract

Where to buy:





Honorable Mention

The iPhone 5s

If not for the crappy battery power the iPhone 5s would probably make the elite status based on its outstanding iOS app ecosystem and design,hardware. Now you're wondering why would I recommend this smartphone when the iPhone 6 is about to be revealed to the masses in the Fall (real soon). Well considering Apple's scripted history late gen iPhone's almost always go on the discount once Apple unveils its newest smartphone. So you can bank it the iPhone 5S and 5c will be a budget option device with very reasonable prices.


Price Point: $649 off contract (I might add if you don't want to get the iPhone 6,this smartphone will be on the cheap once iPhone is released to market)

Where to Buy: Apple