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This Is My Anker 5-Port USB Charger:The Rapid Review

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The Anker 5-port charger is in my possession and I have some very interesting things to say about this little device in this rapid review.I purchase this USB charger out of great need being that I have so much devices that needs to be charged,count em 6 devices,tablets,smartphones,external batteries (Oh the irony). It got very tedious wall crowding devices that needed to be charged,or even worst, compromising USB ports on my computers so devices can get charged up,so I took action and purchased from Amazon the Anker 5-Port USB Family Size Desktop Charger.Not sure why they call it a desktop charger because the device plugs into any outlet or surge protector,but I digress.

Before I give you my rapid review,here's a little bit of nugget of info about the Anker 5-Port USB charger.It has a PowerIQTM technology that's compatible with all Android and iOS devices, it enables charging speeds of up to 8 amps among 5 ports or 2.4 amps per port. It has a small brick design that measures 3 x 2 inches,which is very compact. It has high grade materials and premium circuitry that will ensure users that they will have a relied device for life (life time warranty). It has a 100-240 volt input which is perfect if you're traveling to countries that uses 240 volt input.The 5-port USB charger comes in just two color flavors,white and black.

Here's my take on the Anker 5Port USB charger,its very practical especially when you have so many devices that needs to be charged all at once.It definitely spares the task of plugging devices all over the house that needs to be charged. With this 5-Port USB charger,you can keep all of your charging devices in one spot. It charges devices surprisingly fast with no type of compatibility issue.Probably the biggest drawback with this USB charger is there should be some type of adhesive Velcro strip or tape attached to the power brick so I can maybe place the charger under your desktop or attach the charger to an appropriate area on your desk or work table so you can have proper cable management.

Other than that,I highly recommend this device for you readers,you can purchase the Anker 5-Port USB Charger on Amazon at a $25.00 retail price.




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