PC Tools Weekly: ObjectDock

File-It-Under: Tools of the system By: D.F.Skin  




If you're a long time Windows user which most computer owners are and you want to experience using the Mac interface but don't want to flock over cash for a pricey Apple Mac computer,there is indeed an app for that and it comes in the form of ObjectDock,which is the name of the app by the way. ObjectDock very simple app that adds an animated Mac-like dock to your desktop computer. It provides easy access to your useful shortcuts and serves as a taskbar replacement.

The installation process to ObjectDock is fairly quick and light,and the program setup process is cut and dry,fairly easy.The menu settings lets users choose how many items you can store in your dock,where to position it and whether or not you want to enable zoom. You can also adjust the size,style, and color as well as setup autohide or remain on the top.

There are two versions of ObjectDock,the free version and the Pro version which requires one to shell out $9.99 in cash.The free version of ObjectDock includes various "docklets' that can provide users with rapid access to weather,time, etc. The pro version enables users to add multiple docks and creates tabbed docks in Windows 7 and 8 and offers much improved task switching.

Since the whole idea of PC Tools Weekly is recommend free Windows (Macs) apps that will make for an positive computer experience,go with the free version ObjectDock. You can download it from any download site,I highly recommend you download it from Stardock website who by the way are the apps creator.