The New Radical Design Alienware Area 51 Desktop Computer

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Its been quite sometime since we seen any desktop computer being released from Alienware, I myself thought Alienware were done building their desktop computers with all the laptops we've seen released from this company in the past couple of years, since 2011 to be exact is the last time I can think of we've seen a desktop computer being released you know who. Alienware are known for their  eccentric design and having  impeccable  hardware. if you're familiar with the whole business side of things Alienware is own by Dell. Well Alienware has been in the news lately in a big way with their unveiling of its new Area 51 desktop computer and yes the design is rather interesting to say the least.


Alienware broke tradition with its new desktop in terms of design, we're used to seeing is their signature Alien space like design,we now have a whole new total revamped design. It takes a form of a triangular/hexagonal form factor,it's main intention in this design is to improve and maintain airflow,even when positioned up against the wall. If you're looking at the pics and asking yourself this question," Is that computer heavy?" The answer is yes, it weighs a hefty  45 pounds. Though there are handles constructed onto the computer enabling users to carry the machine,you might need a workout in the gym before thinking about lifting this computer.


The physical dimensions goes as follows,it will measure 25-inches in diameter,10-inches in width. The physical exterior of the new Alienware Area-51 does not tell the whole story,its what's inside the desktop that's makes things interesting,it has enough room to swallow whole three 300W double-wide full length graphics cards. Alienware made mention that the new desktop will house Intel's latest Haswell-E with an option six cores and eight cores,liquid cooled placed into the Intel's X99 chipset.

With all the full length graphic cards that will be placed inside,there will still be room for up to five storage drives with support for HDD and SSD option. Listing out the rest of the features,you'll have a built-in Killer GbE LAN,802 11ac WiFi connection (2 to be exact), DDR4 memory and Alienware's own 9 programmable lightning zones.

Dell states that the new Alienware Area-51 desktop is designed solely for upgrades,Dell has not mention a price tag though I'm sure it will be rather expensive. Its timetable for market release is set for October.




Credit Source: Alienware