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The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: What You Need To Know

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If you been following along with all the leaked images and specs that have been posted on several tech website the for past couple of months leading right up to the Apple Event,then  nothing should surprise you.All the leaked images of the actual iPhone 6 that's been posted on the web are spot on with what was revealed today at Apple. If you haven't been in tuned to all the design and hardware leaks that were posted online,here's whet you need to know about the iPhone 6.


Much Bigger Display

The iPhone 6 will come in two variants, the iPhone 6 which will come in 4.7-inches and the iPhone 6 Plus which will come in 5.5-inches. The 5.5-inch version will have a (diagonal) LED-backlit widescreen touch display with its signature IPS technology. The display will have a 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution at 410 ppi. The 4.7-inch variant will have a 1334 x 750-pixel resolution at 326 ppi and it will also have IPS technology. Both the iPhone 6 and 6-Plus will have a full HD display.


This to me is a bit of a shocker,though I've seen the hardware specs leaked online,I thought Apple would stick with its A7 processor being that they just instituted it just last year with the iPhone 5S,instead Apple has upgraded to an A8 chip with a 64-bit architecture,a M8 motion co-processor. On the storage front,both versions of iPhone 6 will have its usual 16GB, 64GB storage flavors,if those two storage capacities aren't enough,you now have a third option 128GB storage flavor.

New Design

Aside from the iPhone 6 having a much larger display,the overall build of the smartphone is totally changed, no more all plastic and glass encasing. The iPhone 6 rear portion of the smartphone is all metallic,aluminum to be exact. The volume rocker on the iPhone has gotten an overhaul,you no longer have the rounded buttons,the volume rockers now takes on a more oval/cylinder design. The power button is no longer on the top of the device,instead the power button is located on the right portion of the smartphone. If by chance you're iPad Air and iPad Mini (retina display ) owner,then you'll be very familiar with the new button placement of the iPhone 6. The color's on both iPhone 6 and 6-Plus will stay with its signature all black and white color scheme.

The overall thickness of the iPhone 6 has shrunken a couple millimeters,translation both variants of the iPhone 6 will be a lot thinner than previous generation iPhone's for numbers sake,the iPhone 6-Plus will measure in at 0.28-inch in depth,while the iPhone 6 will come in at 0.27 in depth.

The Connection

Nothing has changed here both the iPhone 6 and 6-Plus will have LTE 4G wireless connection.


Picture Taking

Both the iPhone 6 and 6Plus will have Apple owns iSight 8-megapixel camera with 1.5u pixels,both will have Auto-focus with focus pixels. The iPhone 6-Plus will have what the iPhone 6 won't have is Optical image stabilization. The iPhone 6 can record in 1080p HD recording at 30 fps or 60 fps. It will use a True Tone Flash technology,slo-mo video at 120 fps or 240 fps,video stabilization and Apple introduces its new Cinematic video stabilization technology.


About That Price

All three major carriers will carry the iPhone 6, AT$T,Sprint and Verizon (no info whether or not T-Mobile will sell the iPhone 6). As you know Apple charges consumers by the storage capacity,nothing has changed with the iPhone 6 in regards to its pricing, $199 for the 16GB, $299 64GB and $399 128GB ,with the 6-Plus you'll have to shell out $499 for 128GB capacity. Pre-orders for the iPhone 6 will begin on Sept 12th.




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