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A Leaked Windows 9 Video Shows a Actual Start Menu

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Now that we finally have the iPhone 6 upon us and ready to be purchased by consumers,we can now turn our attention to another highly anticipated tech product that comes in a form of software and it's call Windows 9. Like the iPhone 6, we are seeing an abundance of Windows 9 images being leaked all over the Internet.I usually don't pay full attention to leaks unless there is some legitimacy to these leaks that looks convincing.

The latest leak is in a video format that shows an actual Start Menu,something that Windows user have been craving since Windows 8 inception. In the video it demonstrates how users will be able to enable the Start Menu or they can use Metro UI. Once enabled,the Start Menu will bring to you a new kind of Metro infused interface compared to what we are accustom to seeing with the Start Menu in previous Window's. User will be afforded the ability to customize as they please,very similar what we can do with Metro UI on our desktops and mobile devices. Its funny,you think Microsoft should have did this two years ago? This is the proverbial if isn't broke,leave it alone.

Anyhow, take a look at the video below this post where it shows a fully functional Start Menu.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--wgAsHWNRE]



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