My Top 5 Headphones For Under $100 And Still Get Great Sound

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Believe it or not there are headphones out there that allows you to enjoy great sound yet at the same time you don't have to spend a sum of $300 or more dollars just to place great audio over your ears. In fact its to my experience as a person who owned his fair share of headsets over the years that most expensive headphones I've purchased are overrated with sub par sound at best,case in point of the Beats Audio. There are even headphones on the market that you can access for under $200 that have superb sound,the Audio Technica ATH M 50's comes to mind and by the way one of are best sounding headsets on the market.Are there headphones on the market that you can get for under $100 yet still enjoy great sound? The answer is yes, and there are in abundance,but I chose 5 headphones,my top five that is you can purchase for under $100 and still enjoy the luxury of impeccable sound.The Top five headphones for under $100  are......




I've had these headphones for over two weeks and don't regret buying them. Nice compact design though they a little bit tight on the ears but we'll save that for a later review,though tightly fitted over the ears,you get excellent sound isolation. More important,the sound on these particular over-the-ear headsets are surprisingly incredible,no saturation of base which is a big selling point for me.

Price: $49.00





Klipsch S4A in-ear


By far the best in-ear buds I have to date , in fact there the longest lasting headphones I've had period. If you want the perfect sound levels without the base saturation and perfect mid and lows,pick these.

Price: $57.95





Sennheiser CX 300 III

Another pair of that falls in the ear-bud category that's cheap in price and that I love, with great sound. These headphones are very popular with the masses mainly because,well they're  once again cheap and sound damn good.

Price: $44.95



Audio Technica ATHCKS77BK


These headphones are a touch bit expensive compared the others on this list,but there still under $100 if you don't include shipping cost. You get solid bass with outstanding balance between low,mid,and high frequencies. They fit perfect and deliver perfect sound isolation.




Sony MDR-XB400

If you're a big fan of headphones with deep bass,powerful drivers,then you'll need to take a look at the MDR-XB400.