Hardware Pick Weekly: SanDisk Extreme Pro USB 3.0

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Lets face it,I'm a hardware enthusiast, I believe great hardware operates good software,with that said as a added feature to website each week I will pick a particular hardware albeit  processors or storage device,any type of hardware that I have a particular interest in and share it with you readers. These hardware picks will eventually lead to me doing a future review, the title will be call "Hardware Pick Weekly " . This weeks hardware pick we take a close look at the SanDisk Extreme Pro USB 3.0, it has a 128 GB storage capacity which is more than enough storage space to store all your video files,music and pictures,but storage space is not what makes this thumb drive impressive,it is the thumb drives blazing  impressively read/write speed that makes this storage stick a big selling point.The SanDisk Extreme has beast mode speeds that comes in at 260MB/s, read and 240MB/s write,these are insane numbers for a thumb drive .

But wait there's more,speed is not the only selling point here, the thumb drive comes with a data encryption software call Secure-Access, it has a executable feature that creates a 128-bit encrypted volume. The executable file is kept on the key, just simply type in the password and the volume opens up. Once you close the software window,the data inside is safe and sound. A little warning,if by chance you forget your password, you'll have to format your whole entire thumb drive.

From the images I've seen the thumb drive has a nice strong aluminum shell, well placed sturdy loop which allows you to attach this to a key chain.

The price is a bit steep at $160,I know pricey for a  thumb drive, but  you get what you pay for. Super fast write/read speeds,decent size capacity,a well constructed chassis with added encryption app.