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Top Five Features In iOS 8 I Like

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I originally set out to do a full review on iOS 8 but it withheld it because I wanted to get my hands on the iPhone 6. Sadly for some odd reason or another,my iPhone 6 Plus won't be in my hands until next week. I mean I did the whole Sept 12th pre-order thingy  and I'm rather peeved that I couldn't get my iPhone 6 Plus on the actual launch date which was Sept 19th,yesterday to be exact,but I'll save my riff for another day,lets turn our focus on iOS 8 and its features. If you been monitoring the history of iOS or is a iOS loyalist since its inception,you know that most of the new features within iOS 8 are long overdue,most of these features are already enjoyed by Android users since its early days. Even weird,some of these new features in iOS 8 are separate apps that you can download from the app store. Nevertheless,iOS 8 has some most welcome features that I truly love,that is why I felt compelled to list Top Five features in iOS 8 that I like.



1: Spotlight Search  Is Actually Relevant


Honestly up until now I rarely used spotlight search on the iOS platform mainly because it had limited uses,I mean all it did was basically allows quick access to your apps by simply typing in a key letter or word, that's it no big deal. The upgraded Spotlight Search in iOS 8 you can now search for apps that is not just on your device,but also the one you might want download. You can also type a famous character from a comic book and right before your eyes is access to Wikipedia information. There is also geographic points of interest,news information and restaurants. You can do a song search, and Spotlight will show displayed results from your library as well as the songs on iTunes. If you do a movie search,Spotlight will bring up local listings.



2: Much Improved Notification


It is much easier for iPhone users to quickly respond to notifications. If by chance you get a text message,for example,it will appear right on the top of the screen as before,but now instead of residing to opening the entire messaging app,you can reply right from the home screen.This feature is nothing new if you're a frequent iPhone jail breaker,then you seen this setup before in the Cydia app platform. The feature also works with third-party apps such as Facebook and Twitter. If by any chance you feel you don't want to respond to any of the notifications.simply just swipe to ignore a message.


3: Finally Have A Smart Keyboard


This another features enjoyed by Android users and iPhone jail breakers alike for years,Apple's own Quick Type. It can now suggest words and phrases based on who's typing in text. It also works in other apps that require typing. You can also add third party apps such as Flesky and Swipe.


4: Messaging Just Got Serious



When iMessage was introduced a few years ago I thought it added a little bit of flavor to text messaging,now messaging has gotten a bit serious. Users  are now afforded with the ability to group message,yes that's right you read it correctly there is now group messaging,similar what you see in WhatsApp. Just add names to your threads or you can remove people from your chat session, and you can also set a Do Not Disturb features to your message threads.Probably the most unique thing about message in iOS 8 is you can now record and send audio to your contacts simply by holding your microphone icon, with one swipe you can send your recorded audio. You can also easily send recorded video to your contact without closing out Message by simply holding down the camera icon.


5: Siri Actually Works


I'm first to honestly admit that Siri had yet to serve any purpose on my iPhone,mainly because the voice command app was glaringly  unresponsive. Good news though, Siri in iOS 8 actually works (I say it with sarcasm) and more important its very responsive. I actually found myself using this app where as before I probably used Siri twice a year,no kidding. The new an improved Siri its safe to say can be a little more car friendly,as it can lend support to hands free use.



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