Amazon Week Ending Deals: The Spigen iPhone 6-Plus Case

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One of the things I hate about current existing iPhone cases today are they pretty much take away from the design of the actual smartphone. How many times you've seen iPhone cases that were thick as potato bread. In most cases the iPhone cases are so thick,you can't even tell if there's a iPhone in that case. I believe if you're going to encase your smartphone in a protected case,the case should streamline right with the smartphone's design,the case should be thin yet very protective.

Here's a nice looking thin metallic case made by Spigen that I think would be perfect for your iPhone 6-Plus and meets my standard,it flows very will with the smartphones thin design and it should protect your iPhone 6-Plus with its sturdy metallic build. Its a very good price at $8.99,it comes in an assortment of colors white,navy blue,even metallic pink to name a few.The Spigen iPhone 6-Plus case is currently in full stock on Amazon,if you're looking to not go with an overpriced Apple owns iPhone 6-Plus case,get this one.