Why I Want The Maingear Pulse 15 3K Gaming Laptop

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First off you may think that when I say "I want the Maingear Pulse 15 3K gaming laptop", you might think its a broad term that I'm using because I couldn't think of a better title for this post,but seriously,I really want this laptop. What makes me want this laptop? Well aside from the awesome hardware which we'll get to,its the display and its beautiful design that's most impressive. First,lets address the display,a 3K resolution on a laptop,most laptops today can only squeeze out a full HD 1080p display (1920 x 1080), in fact you'll see these numbers on a regular desktop computers, barely enough for true gaming I might add. For true that true gaming experience most hardware pundits will jump to a much higher resolution display ( 2560 x 1440), for the true high-def imagery you starting to see many gamer's convert to the 4K format (3840 x 2160). With laptops though, most are still stuck in the 1080p time warp, Maingear Pulse 15 3K gaming laptop changes all of that.

The Maingear Pulse 15 display is enhanced with steroids, it comes on the market with a 3K IPS ( in-Plane-Switching) wide view screen display. Now you're probably asking why not a 4K display? Well first off it will be very costly and the laptop would require more power to run a 4K display which lead to cooling issues. Plus you have to take into account 4K resolution is still in its infancy and there isn't a lot of video content that's shot in 4K,the only thing that takes advantage of 4K technology is gaming,which I'm sure owners of this beautiful laptop would want to do more than just game.


The laptop itself overall has a beautiful flat-compact design,it measures in at 15.25 inches in width by 0.75 inches in height by 10,5 inches in diameter and weighs a mere 3.75 pounds, making it one of the thinnest 15-inch gaming laptop on the market,this laptop can easily fall into the ultrabook category. Its safe to say this Maingear 15 Pulse gaming laptop with its nice compact build its portable enough to fit directly into your backpack without compromising space within. If the thin build of the laptop is not enough to make you want this,its the impressive metallic color scheme that's  eye catching, it comes in an assortment flavors,blue, orange and lime green. Then we have the attractive color LED lit keyboard which adds to the attraction,there's something about color lit keyboards that makes me salivate in shame.


Lets talk specs,The Pulse 15 comes fully stocked with a Core i7 4710HQ mobile processor,16GB of DDRE-1600 memory,NVIDIA GeForce 870M for its graphics with Optimus technology, 128GB mSATA solid state drive. Pretty awesome hardware I must say considering you have all this packed in very slim gaming laptop. The gaming laptop is most certainly not cheap,pending on your choice in hardware upon ordering,we're looking at a price that falls in the $2,500 range.

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