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Hardware Pick Weekly:Seasonic Platinum Series 1050W and 1200W Power Supply

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Today in this installment of "Hardware Pick Weekly" we take a close examination of the Seasonic Platinum Series 1050W and 1200W power supply.You're probably wondering how this power supply any different from most sold on the market. Well,this particular power supply unit is fully modular meaning there is no wires attached,you connect the wires to the unit yourself pending your motherboard setup, it has 80 Plus Platinum Certified seal which is the highest rating you can give a power supply,which means the unit is very efficient. The Seasonic power supplies( the 1050W and 1200w) features a much improved Hybrid Fan control circuit and a upgraded copper conduction bars on the main PCB (printed circuit board), this brings increased performance and efficiency.


Looking at these features in detail,we have Seasonic owns Hybrid Silent Fan Control,which is a industry first,its a advanced three-phase thermal control that balances between silent and cooling. The Hybrid Silent Fan provides users with three operational stages: Fanless, Silent, and Cooling mode. Then there's the Ultra Tight Voltage Regulation which improves the load voltage regulation which keeps the voltage functions on 12V output within a 2% -0% range, with the 3.3V and 5V being outputted between +1% and -1%. These weird numbers you're seeing basically means you have a power supply unit that will run smooth and stable.The other key feature you want closely look at is the Reduced Cooling Fan Hysteresis, this is achieved by a new fan control technology,this optimizes how frequently the fan switches on and off.

Normally power supplies are rather reasonable in price,but these two units are pricey,the Seasonic Platinum 1050 goes for $174.99 while the 1200 is priced at $239.99. If you're an interested in purchasing either one of these units,they can be found newegg.com.


Credit Source: PC Perspective, Seasonic





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