What You Need To Know About Windows 10

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This past Monday,Microsoft announced their new operatiting system dubbed Windows 9 10. Why the skipped over digit you ask? Well Microsoft stated that 10 represents a substantial jump from past and current operating systems.

The new operating system will lessen your need for "Metro" tile user interface which Microsoft cross platform to their entire line of devices,from PC desktop to the Surface tablet line and let's not forget the Windows Phone. This move of course made the operating system less popular with many Windows users, many features that were heavily relied upon got entirely deleted,thus causing many to switch right back over to Windows 7.

With Windows 10, you have a combination of the old infused with the new,the operating system will combine the live tile with the Start Menu (yes the Start Menus is back) and will have more of a Classic Windows theme that will bring comfort to both touch,keyboard and mouse users.Windows 10 users will also be granted the ability to re-size your Metro tile to your visual liking.


Windows 10 will combine key elements of Windows 8 design with the functionality of Windows 7,how popular still is this OS? According Microsoft,Windows 7 were found on  51 percent in desktop PC's compared to 13 percent Windows 8 and 8.1 combined.

Aside from the Start Menu being returned back to its rightful position, a key interesting feature I think would appeal to many future users, Microsoft mentioned that Windows 10 will be bale to identify any device you're using and switch right over to interface mode,which Microsoft is calling Continuum. This means that any software will know that users are operating on OneDrive cloud service or Microsoft Word on Leveno laptop or Surface Pro and will adjust accordingly in a way that will unlock production.


New and improved Start Menu,an operatiting with a Windows 7 feel,host of other features within Windows 10 that I think will give way to an positive Windows experience. We shall see in due time whether or not some of these features mentioned will make it to final release which is due sometime late 2015. At current,Microsoft has open up the OS to dedicated beta testers under the Windows 10 " insider Program".

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84NI5fjTfpQ]