PC Tools weekly: AdBlock and DoNotTrackMe

File-It-Under: Tools for the system By: D.F.Skin  




Its been quite some time since I've posted a PC Tools weekly,in fact its been to long,but this post I take very personal because I'm waging war against Malware,spyware and the dreaded ever so annoying popups. There's an ole saying,you're PC is only good as its actual owner,well OK its not really an ole saying I kind of made that up but you get my drift. Often enough when we surf the world wide web, we take somewhat a cavalier approach to Internet security not realizing that you have all types of dirty files lurking ninja style waiting to penetrate your computer. You know,the dreaded bait and switch browser hijack,popups that redirect users to websites and yes we have the unwanted tool bar add on's,well guess what,there is an app that can combat all of that.

These apps that we'er taking a look at today are AdBlock and DoNotTrackMe,both of these apps are the first line of defense against thwarting attacks from the bad guys. First lets take a close look at AdBlock,this is a well known popup blocker that is a Google Chrome extension that you can get from  the Chrome app store. Easy installation as the AdBlock extension is placed right on top of your browsers tool bar. AdBlock has 100 percent effective rate (at least I think it is) ,you can also if you want to spend the cash get the AdBlock premium edition. The app itself basically shuts down any annoying popups,stops it in its tracks and importantly the app is not intrusive,runs quietly in the background.


Then we have DoNotTrackMe,the app itself is self explanatory as it creates and manages disposed email addresses,phone numbers credit card info. The app mask your entire Internet activity,thus allowing you to surf the web under stealthy ninja like conditions.Thing I love about DoNotTrackMe it actually keeps a count as to how many tracking attempts are being made from websites,I mean that is a scary thought,even the likes of Facebook are tracking your Internet activity. (Fuck You Facebook)

Both these apps are free and can be downloaded from Google's Chrome Store. Also I want to add this,stay clear away from Internet Explorer as its a safe haven for malware,Trojan and virus attacks. No matter what Microsoft say,the browser is trash.