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How To Install AdBlock Onto Google Chrome

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The first line of defense to combat the ever so annoying popups are obvious, the popup blocker. Yet its rather surprising that many outside of the tech community who are frequent Google Chrome user's know what app they can use to thwart the ravages of the dreaded popups,believe it or not there is a app for that and its a very simple to use and easy to install tool, that app is AdBlock.

AdBlock is an open source content filtering and ad blocking extension for Google Chrome, Apple's own Safari and Mozilla FireFox. Adblock grant users the ability to prevent certain page elements, such as those annoying ads from being displayed in your web browser. Today AdBlock is by far the most popular Google extension with well over 30 million users world wide. Now that you've gotten a brief info on AdBlock,how do you install the app.




The installation process is fairly easy,just run your cursor to the right hand corner to Customize and Control Google Chrome,click on it. A window will open up and you'll see a long list that will say New tab,Bookmark,Recent Tab,blah blah blah,scroll all the way down to where it say Tools. Click on Tools and another window will will open up,in the window you will see where it say Extensions,click on it. Once you enter the extension page scroll all the way down to Get More Extensions. This will take you to the Google's own Chrome Web Store, in the search store box type in AdBlock. Now you'll see different versions of AdBlock, there is AdBlock Pro, AdBlock Plus, AdBlock for YouTube, what you want is just plain ole  AdBlock. To start the installation process simply observe and click where it say free.

Adblock installation



Once you've done this,the AdBlock icon will show up in the right hand corner of your web browser tool bar. To put this extension to the test,simply log onto any website and observe the AdBlock icon that's sitting in your tool bar,you should see numbers appear on the icon,this indicates that there are popups trying very hard to penetrate your web browser but they can't, you know why? Because AdBlock is doing its job.



Give AdBlock a shot and see what happens,you will thank me for this rapid tutorial later.

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