The SecureDrive self-destruct SSD VIA Text Message

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Self destructing devices,you know the ones you've seen in movies like Mission Impossible or James Bond. Well we have life imitating art with an actual hard drive that self-destruct via a plain ole text message,no for real this actually really exist and their made by a company call SecureDrives.

The Solid State Drives are created to offer super security level encryption,they can set to destroy themselves if by chance anyone should remove the drives from its system when the user is not present in front of the computer.

The storage drives have a scif-fi James Bond like features,it has a built-in GSM connectivity that allows users to send a text at anytime and will destroy any data that stored within. Believe it or not,this is just one extra layer of security that's on top of the encryption that's already protecting previous data on the drive. There are two ways to self-destruct the device: there is crypto-sanitize,this wipes the data and then there's aforementioned physical self-destruct with NAND flash memory fragmentation.

It will come in just one storage flavor at 128GB storage and will use a 20nm NAND flash memory and 256-bit AES encryption. The price will start at $1554 USD. The first year of GSM connectivity will be free,but after the year is up you'll have to pay $46.69 USD a year. At that price I'm pretty sure this drive will not be for the run of the mill consumer,more like for the enterprise corporate big wigs who's trying to really protect important data.


Source Credit: Pocket-lint