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PC Tools Weekly: IObit Unstaller

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Welcome back to the the consistently (pending) new installment of PC Tools Weekly where I offer free software for your PC (and Mac) that will benefit your system. This week we take a close look at IObit Uninstaller,this particular application works pretty much like the famed,ever so popular Revo-Uninstaller which I've posted on PC Tools Weekly awhile back.

The difference of the two is IObit can uninstall your apps one by one much like Revo,but it can also uninstall applications in complete batches. Like Revo, IObit removes leftover folders and files. It can identify large and frequently used applications, Windows updates, and other known programs for removal and ranks them by the date it was installed. The IObit user interface can toggle between a detailed list and streamline Icon views. IObit Uninstaller Version 4 now has added support for Windows 8 Metro Apps and has the ability to target malicious plug-ins. The removal plug-in features not only has the ability to remove unwanted plugins,but it also can remove toolbars and serve protection to Google Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera.There is even Real Time monitor feature which is a Powerful Scan that scans and cleans out leftovers completely.


IObit is compatible with dare I say it,Windows XP,yeah that operatiting system,it also compatible with the more updated and current Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems (Windows Vista need not apply). As always I forewarn readers to stay clear away from CNET's Download.com, doing so you'll CNET to load your computer with all kinds of crappy malware and unwanted bundled programs that can wear your system down. Go directly to the websites source,which would be IObit.com


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