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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone Apps Presents: EverNote and iA Writer

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Welcome to the newly christen feature on Tekspecz.net call " How to get the most out of your smartphone apps",  lets face it,though we all enjoy the confines of our trustee smartphones how many of us actually use most of the apps we download or even know of any apps that we can use for ordinary daily tasks. If I was a betting man I would say the most heavily used app on most smartphones is Facebook because we all need to keep track of our friends daily activity right,then there's the ever so popular Candy Crush. Even I'm guilty of checking my Facebook live feed every 5 mins.

Whether or not if you'er on a Android or IOS device,there are sum of about million or more apps  that you can download and use for everyday task,like note taking apps,there's even a app that monitors your heat,even have police scanner apps in case you want to be nosy ease drop on a crime in progress,I mean the list is endless. Speaking of which,we'll get things started and take a close examination at one of my favorite note taking apps,there are Evernote and iA Writer,read along.




Evernote is by far the best note taking app for both the iOS and Android platform in my opinion, an app that's enjoyed by millions. Ask anyone about Evernote and you will get songs of positive praises,its one of those apps I seriously can't do without.

Evernote main features is its ability to sync your notes from desktop computer and continue your notes on a mobile device and vice verse. You of course have to download the desktop version to achieve this sync connection, that includes, Mac, PC and mobile devices. The app comes with some pretty interesting features other than just taking notes. You can format a full webpage, upload pictures, there's even voice memo, or a hand written ink notes feature. Notes in Evernote can have sorted folders and file attachments.


By far the most unique feature in Evernote comes in a form of Google Chrome extension "Web Clipper" For Chrome". How it works is pretty much self explanatory, you clip and mark everything you find on any website. You clip any article of interest,save it to Evernote and read that very same article later on your mobile device. With Web Clipper, you can also mark an entire page,share clips via email or social media network and bookmark an entire URL.

Evernote can be purchased via download with two versions,free and premium, the premium version you can make a $4.99 monthly payment or pay $44.99 for the entire year.




iA Writer

iA Writer is a minimalist text editor for the Mac and iOS only, (sorry Android users) developed by some group of mad geniuses who go by the name Information Architects Inc. The main theme of IA Writer is to keep the user focus on just writing,nothing else, the app is not laced with a bevy of features like Evernote. It has three core features and it goes as follows: you can archive your documents,there is a recently opened feature and you can move all content to trash and delete what you written permanently. I use iA Writer to write my a rough draft to my post for my website when I'm on my smartphone. I even use this app to jot down random thoughts,jot down phone numbers,or create my daily to-do-list You can use iA Writer to maybe write a term paper for college,or if you're a aspiring writer then text editor app is perfect as it is used by a lot of famous authors.


iA Writer has a typical interface and layout,  it has a writing typography and a characterized mono-spaced style font. It has a blue cursor, laced with a gray background color. The lack of settings might throw you off a bit,which might steer you to using Evernote. But if you're looking for text editor app without all of the distracting bells and whistles and just want to write, then iA Writer is the logical choice.

Now my biggest problem with iA Writer and trust me its a minor problem is the expensive price,even the regular version goes for $4.99, then there's even a pro edition which cost $9.99,both prices in my opinion are a bit expensive for a mobile app, especially when there is a lot of apps similar to iA Writer you can purchase for free. Nevertheless, iA Writer believe it or not comes highly recommended by some of the greatest authors in the literature game. I myself love the app and think its worth the money.





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