Amazon Weekending Deals: The AMD Rdeon XFX Double D R9 290X Graphic Card

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The one thing I love about graphic cards today is the technology,graphic cards now can output 1080 p video,some can now output 4K video. They are also fast and have an abundance of memory on board its graphic card. The problem? Price,to  get a real decent graphic card these days,one that plays the latest in graphic intense video games,one that shows super high def video, its going to cost,some graphic cards go over the $1,000 mark. If you search hard though with shear indomitable will,you can have find a nice quality graphic that is a beast in performance,yet it won't cost you your monthly mortgage money. I have found that graphic card on Amazon, AMD Radeon XFX Double D 290x Radeon R9 290X.


The graphic card itself is a beast,there is a some serious technology going on here, it has a 947 Mhz core clock (Amazon has it listed as 1000 MHz), 2560 stream processors, 512 bit memory, 5000 memory clock, there is dual-GPU's present on this graphic card, and it has an amazing 4GB of dedicated memory. XFX Double D R9 290X graphic card has the latest Ghost Thermal 2.0 technology,this improves the floating heatsink with a open air flow concept between the PCB and graphic cards cover.This technology ventilate air off the card simultaneously,cooling the core process and the graphic card's components. There is AMD Power Tune 2.0 smart tuning,this determines the graphic card clock speed in real time,we also have the True Visual Steroscopic HD3D Ready technology (Yes 3D is still being marketed) .

Yes as you can see the graphic card has a shit load of features and impressive tech,but the burning question you hardware geeks are asking is does the XFX 290X output 4K gaming? The answer is yes,and guess what,it will not cost you a large portion of your rent money. Amazon got this beast of a graphic on sale for,wait for it,wait for it,$329.00. If the mentioned specs and features is already tempting you to use that credit or debit card,then you better hurry as Amazon presently has only 5 left in stock.