The ECS LIVA Windows Based Mini PC: The Future Of Computing?

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Mini PC's have been around for quite sometime,yet they are just now starting to gain notoriety,mainly because the hardware within the device is starting to catch up to its desktop and laptop brethren. Look no further than what we have with Apple the success of the Mac Mini and yes you can say the new Mac Pro,though it has top notched hardware, its compacted into a 8-inch cylinder shaped chassis, but we have yet to see any Windows based Mini computers gain any type of market attention. Maybe we have something here with the ECS Liva Mini PC,we take a close examination at the specs and features.



The new ECS Liva Windows based Mini PC better known as the Intel NUC "Next Unit of Computing" has gained my attention and others alike. This indeed could be the future of computing, which is compact yet powerful enough to run any software thrown at it without any setback in performance. The Liva Mini PC measures only 4-inch by 4-inch,it almost fits in the palm of your hand (that is if you have real big hands) yet it has enough in hardware to run Windows 8.1( it can also run the latest edition of Unbuntu Linux).


Speaking of which,what about that hardware specs,though the hardware is not what you'll see in high-end gaming system,the way its engineered and constructed is pretty impressive. Present on the Liva Miniature motherboard is a Intel Bay Trail-M SoC (System on Chip) that runs two Celeron cores operating at 1.58 GHz each,turbo boost to 2.16 GHz. There are 2GB of DDR3L memory running at 1333MHz clock speed. The storage is pretty unique and interesting, its stored on a integrated eMMC with an option 32GB or 64GB capacities, Surprisingly on a such a small device there are three networking connection ports, 802.11b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth 4.0 and 1 Realtek LAN (Ethernet port).



For video, the Liva has two display ports, an HDMI and VGA video ports. Onto audio, the Liva has what you see standard in most computers today and that's RealTek combo jack, the power connector connects via Micro USB port. For the thermals, the Liva Mini PC completely fan-less heat sink. Other ports that needs mentioning are two USB ports 3.0 and 2.0 .

Keep in mind Liva Mini PC comes in a form of a kit,meaning you have to use your genius and put the whole thing together which shouldn't be hard,considering all the hardware is integrated onto one motherboard. The price of the ECS Liva Mini PC is very affordable at $179 and you can purchase it from Amazon.


As for the question I pose on the title of this post,are mini PC's like that of the ECS Liva an eventual desktop replacement? That all depends on the hardware. Like the Apple's Mac Pro,if somehow engineers can densely pack supreme hardware into miniature chassis then we could see a day where PC users will no longer need to rely on much larger workstation computers to handle hardware intense software. The benefits of course are huge, one being portability,being able the sit the Mini computer right on top of your desk without compromising space.

Are you longing for the day when powerful computers will fit in the palms of your hands? Tell me what you think, drop and comment in the box below.