MSI Announces A GT80 Titan Cherry Keyboard Laptop

File-It-Under: Cherry Keyboard devices By: D.F.Skin MSI-GT80-Titan_678x452

Mechanical keyboards aren't just for gamer's alone,they have become the main staple of many high-end system owners who have purchased or built high-end systems and rightfully so. Mechanical keyboards are very accurate,responsive and of course perfect for gaming.

We have yet to see mechanical keyboards embedded into a laptop that is until now,MSI recently just announced the new GT80 Titan laptop  and yes it has a mechanical keyboard,a full version Steelseries Cherry MX Brown switch keyboard. Its has a tweaked  keyboard/palm rest area,which closely resembles what you see with the Acer R7 where its keyboard is in the frontal portion of the laptop. Observing the images on their website,the laptop has a Razer's style switchable touchpad/UI which leaves users the option to configure touchpad/screen on the right side of the keyboard.


There is no detail on hardware specs, but I'm betting since this is a MSI laptop with a mechanical keyboard its obviously constructed for gaming which should have pretty decent hardware. Other than its standout features which is the Keyboard, the MSI GT80 has a very large display that measures 18-inches which tells me more than likely the laptop will contain an high-end graphic gpu.

There is no detail on release date or pricing so this story is still developing......


Credit Source; MSI and Anandtech