Five Impressive Features I like In Android Lollipop

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I must admit that I'm a frequent user of iOS devices,OK let me really be honest with you, other than the Nexus 7 tablet that I  currently own, my smartphones has always been the iPhone. Lately though I've taken a liking to Android. The envious feeling towards Android is an actual good thing and has been in the mental thoughts for quite sometime,I almost made the drastic decision to purchase  Samsung Galaxy Note 4,instead I settled on the iPhone 6-Plus.Thus far I'm really satisfied with the decision I've made.

With Android Lollipop,lets just say I'm really impressed with what I see from the newly minted mobile OS. There are a plethora of features I like with Android Lollipop,but as the title of this post goes I can only choose 5 that impressed me the most. So here it is,5 impressive features  I like in Android Lollipop.



That Material Design

Probably the biggest and must talked about feature in Android Lollipop is material Design,which really is a combination the design and interface. The design itself bucks the trend of what you're seeing not only on mobile devices,but also desktop systems,that flat opaque design. The design of Android Lollipop is not what makes it so unique,its the animation.It seems every single part of Android Lollipop seems to animate,every shade,every ripple,there is heavy dosage of interface gesturing.


Love The Notification

Notification in Android Lollipop is not a popup that you look at and watch it disappear from your display.You can actually interact with notification by responding to it or dismissing it directly from your locked screen and when other apps are running. If you want to cut down on any form of disruption,there's a useful feature that'll benefit Android L users call "Priority Mode" , this allows any notification from people of importance to seep through,all other notifications are then muted.

Users with this new notification format can schedule daily "downtime" for their smartphone in priority mode, this only allows for important notifications to get through,like news,sport scores, emails etc. This features keeps annoying notifications from going off every second on the hour.


Then We Have Multiple User Accounts

Lollipop will now afford users to set up multiple user profiles on both smartphones and tablets, something that hasn't happen with previous Android operating systems. How the feature works is simple, the user can access their messages and contacts by logging onto a friends Android smartphone.

There is also a guest profile option for users to set up. This prevents friends from snooping through all of your apps and private information if they decide to want to play around with your smartphone.


That Tap And Go Though

Though I don't own a Android smartphone I have tested the smartphone even used it for hours on in,and one of the things that Android does a horrific job doing is transferring settings and apps from an old smartphone to the new,something that Apple devices does a great job doing. The new Tap Go feature will allow users to send over all the details of what you should have installed onto your new smartphone to your old smartphone via NFC or Bluetooth.


Double Tap Wake Up

I long for the day when Apple devices won't have to rely on a home button to wake up your device,just simply tap the home screen and boom its wake. With Android Lollipop there is indeed a "boom its awake" which is the Double tap feature. Currently you can use this feature with the Nexus 9. It must have the compatible hardware to run such a feature,nevertheless its a useful features that doesn't have users resorting to physical pressing of buttons.