A New "Masque Attack" iOS Vulnerability Can Breach iPhones And iPads

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Remember all the talk that iOS devices are impenetrable to any sort of security breach. You know the conversation that usually takes place with Android users that said your device can get hack,mines can't. Well it seems that's no longer the case with iOS users. This new and latest attack is dubbed the 'Masque Attack'.

Hackers have found a creative way to breach Apple mobile devices using a webpage, text messaging and emails to trick users into downloading fake apps that then can leak out personal information,according to new reports from FireEye which by the way is a security firm.

At the moment there is no clear evidence that hackers have began breaching Apple devices in the United States,FireEye has confirmed any vulnerability in Apple iOS devices are prone to downloading fake apps,this fake app is capable of stealing your personal banking information. Genuine apps can be installed through Apple's app store.

FireEye states that the vulnerability can affect Apple devices running iOS7 or later, even jail broken devices are prone to these attacks. Up to 95 percent of Apple mobile devices that's being used are vulnerable to the "Masque Attack".

This is the second time in a two week span security researchers have found a vulnerability that can penetrate iOS security, Palo Alto Networks discovered the "WireLurker" attack that not only can breach iOS devices,but it also breach Apple Mac computers.

One thing about Apple,they are quick to institute some sort of security patch,so expect an device update real soon.