Point Of Interest Echo: The Amazon Voice Controlled Speaker

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When I first saw the Amazon Echo speaker grace the pages of several websites, I really thought nothing about the device,to me it was just another Bluetooth speaker that adds to an already flooded market. Then again these speakers are created by Amazon,there has to be something real special about these speakers that's caused a buzz with many in the tech inner circle. So I did some extensive reading and to my surprise Amazon may have a game changer on their hands. Echo is a hardware based personal assistant very similar to Apple's Siri and Google Now.




Amazon Echo is basically a personal assistant on steroids,it gives you Wikipedia information,ask question like what date is a certain holiday, like for an example---when is Thanksgiving? Gives you weather information to any major city on the planet,create a to-do list,ask scientific questions like: how far is the moon from Earth? And it will give the answer,it can create a playlist, and oh yeah,it even plays music. Not only does it play music, but you can request that Echo play tunes from your favorite artist.


Amazon Echo is a 9.25-inch tower like speakers that uses a Siri-like technology that's crammed inside. It has a built-in voice recognition technology that can hear users from far across the room, it listens to users request all made possible with seven built-in microphones that's placed on top of the device, it can understand your voice command even while music is playing. The Echo uses beam forming technology that can hear any voice from any direction. The speaker also produces a 360-degree audio that Amazon said can fill an entire room.


Amazon claims users can place the speakers anywhere in the room and still talk to the device without resorting to any yelling. To wake the device up, simply say "Alexa" which like Siri is the devices command word. Once awake,Echo will light up and wait for your question.

Amazon promises that Echo will integrate with cloud base music streaming services such as Amazon Music, Prime Music and TuneIn. In addition it will also be able to stream music from your smartphone via Bluetooth thus allowing services like Spotify and Pandora play on Echo.


Echo is pretty much still in the early stages of market release. You can purchase the Echo through an invite request only for now,just simply log onto to Amazons website.  It will cost you $199, for Amazon Prime members the cost is $99.

The Amazon Echo has a special interest with me because it could be a personal assistant done right, I mean aren't we all waiting for that Tony Starks Jarvis like personal assistant? Hopefully I'll get my hands on this device and give you my overall review in the near future,so stay tune.