PC Tools Weekly: Unchecky

File-It-Under: Tools for the system By: D.F.Skin unchecky

We love the thought of accessing free software,you'll find in your computing lifetime that you'll more than likely download more free software rather than the alternative and that's spending the cash. The problem with free software is unless you download it from the sources website,often enough many users will end up downloading software were the installer will use all means necessary to push unwanted applications.


If by chance you ever missed a check box when installing the application often the results can be tragic,you'll wind up spending hours trying to delete messy adaware. Even worst, you'll have a browser hijack that ends up taking over your entire web browsers homepage(Wait where's my Google Search!! Ugh!!),  you'll have a whole  new search engine you never heard of(What fuck is MySeacrh). Then we have that dreaded unwanted toolbar that say Ask Jeeves. I mean seriously,the last time I used Ask Jeeves was back in the year 2000.


You don't want any of that,its your computer,the same computer you paid a lot of money for,you should choose whatever application that fits system. Well you know what? There is an app that can combat against the unnecessary download of unwanted software. Yes there is a an app for that, and its call Unchecky. Unchecky does what the title of the app suppose to do,and that's uncheck unwanted software. The app warns you when you try to accept a potentially unwanted offer, which makes it likely to be that users will accidentally accept unwanted software.

I've tested this app (Unchecky) and it has a 100 % effective rate,basically what I'm trying to say,the app works and its a boss.The app itself is free just head right over to Unchecky website and click download. Unchecky is also available on other websites,but My advice is to stay clear away from those sites because you'll have the same problem that you're trying to avoid,the dreaded unwanted software upon installation. Unchecky automatically updates whenever a new version is available,users don't have to worry about running the latest version.