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WhatsApp and Open Whisper Institutes End-To-End Encryption

File-It-Under: Encrypted messengers  By: D.F.Skin Whatsapp

In the age of government intervention,snooping eyes of the NSA, its no wonder  we'll ever see any form of Internet privacy. It seems like no matter app we use,be it Dropbox,Facebook, or Microsoft,they all seem to have one thing in common,they seem to enjoy handing your personal information over to the feds.

Well WhatsApp wants to do something about that,it wants to seriously protect your privacy with no trade-offs of course. On Tuesday,WhatsApp announced that it will be implementing end-to-end encryption, as part of an upgrade program to its privacy messaging service. The goal is to make it almost impossible for any,even from the United States government from reading your messages. Even the company itself (WhatsApp) won't be able encrypt your messages,nor hand over your information to law enforcement.

WhatsApp will integrate an open source software Textsecure,which is created by a privacy focused non-profit Open Whisper system. This scrambles messages with a cryptographic key which only the user can access and it will never leave your device.

I can't say how excited I am about what WhatsApp is doing,its good to see big buiness show some concern for consumer privacy.





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