PC Tools Weekly: Speccy

File-It-Under: Tools for the system By: D.F.Skin  



In this installment of PC Tools Weekly we take a look at another app recommendation that I always use and that's Speccy,yeah the name sounds very goofy but don't be fooled this is a powerful and much needed app.

The name of the app pretty much applies to what it suppose to do and that's gives you a comprehensive run down on all your working hardware that's in your computer. Hardware is not he only thing Speccy profiles,it also gives a complete rundown on software, usually its the heavy duty software that's being profiled,such as your operating system which is software by the way, it also profiles your anit-virus software and your defaulted web browser.

Speccy gives you a visual aid on every single working hardware in your system,crazy thing is it does it in real time,Speccy displays your processor brand and model,hard drive size and speed,how much memory you have installed and it also gives you detail information on your graphic card. Speccy also gauges the temperature of your hardware in real time that includes the hard drive, processor and graphic card. Seriously though,Speccy breaks down each working hardware down to its nuts bolts and screws. For an example, Speccy will tell you how many tracks and cylinders are available in your systems hard drive, is that overkill? No,its useful information that you'll probably need in the long run.


Just when you thought you seen it all with Speccy,it even details all of your computers peripherals,the mouse keyboard and webcam,giving you the the devices name of manufacture.

Speccy is created by Piriform,the same guys who created the well respected software that almost everyone uses and that's CCleaner.There are two versions,free and the pro edition which well run you $19.99. With Speccy pro edition it pretty much does the same as the free edition,only thing is with the pro edition it actually tells you if your hardware drivers needs updating and it will update the drivers for you.

Speccy,download it,it gets the tekspecz.net grade "A" of approval.  As always I enclose PC Tools Weekly by saying please stay clear away from download sites that will bundle you with unnecessary software(CENT Download.com).