Here's Some Suggestions For The Best Bluetooth Speakers To Buy For Xmas

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I recently was approached with a question from my sister who wants to get a set of Bluetooth speakers for my niece " What are the best Bluetooth speakers on the market I can buy" . I personally don't own a pair of Bluetooth speakers (at least not yet)  because I mostly listen to music via headphones. Always a person who very curious and inquisitive anything tech, I did some research and came across abundance of written reviews and videos on Bluetooth speakers. I gathered up all of my data and compiled a list of the best Bluetooth speakers money can buy. And they are....


Logitech UE Boom

A bit pricey at $199.99 for Bluetooth speakers I think, but every tech publications who have written about UE Boom all gave it positive reviews,stating that these speakers produce some of the best bass sound on any speakers on the market. Aside from the sound ,the thing I love about these particular speakers is the design,nice compact cylinder shape that's not saturated with a lot of unnecessary buttons.Check out the big plus and minus sign volume rocker on the side of the speakers,very catchy.



The Jawbone Big JamBox

These particular Bluetooth speakers is what started it all,in my opinion the first of its kind to actually have good sound. Bluetooth speakers have been around for awhile but never succeeded in having great sound,the JawBone JamBox sort of,kind of set the standard in Bluetooth speakers with good decent booming sound. Tech publications gave it a pretty decent  reviews where the average grade was 8.0 out of 10.  If you're thinking about purchasing these speakers,it would be worth shelling out the cash.I must warn you,it comes in at a hefty $250 price tag.

Price Point:



JBL Flip 2

I actually got a chance to test these speakers out and listen to it for a good hour,I have to say these speakers are certainly worth purchasing. It has great range,sound clarity is excellent and has pretty decent bass. When the volume is cranked up high, I can literally feel the vibrating beats thumping on my chest from these speakers,no lies. The price is very reasonable at $79.99 .