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Lets Take A Look At The Plextor M6e 256GB SSD A PCIe SSD On The Cheap

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For so long I've always been a big fan of storage drives being seated into PCIe slot. Think about it,you have a mass amount of storage being scaled down to a PCIe hardware. This I know will soon replace the traditional spinning drives and even the current SSD's that we have to connect to a motherboard via SATA cable.There is a catch though when using a PCIe SSD and its pricing,most PCIe SSD's are rather expensive,really really expensive. The new Plextor M5e 256GB though is relatively dirt cheap with the same technology than the more expensive options that's currently on the market.

This particular Plextor M6e SSD that we are profiling comes in at 256GB which is a pretty decent amount of storage space for any solid state drive,but what makes this piece of hardware so impressive is its small form factor,much smaller than what you see in most PCIe SSD's on the market,the storage drive is exactly the same size as a price cheap sound card. It uses a Marvel controller and a Toshiba flash,it fits right in your PCIe 2.0 slot x2, it has very speedy 1 GB/s data transfer speed, which is a big boost over the Sata 6Gb/sec that's found in the much bigger SSD's.


Here's the important overall specs you need to know about the Plextor M6e, it of course you already know has 256GB in storage capacity ( there is a 128GB and 512GB storage options also), it has a 512MB DDR3 DRAM cache,up to 770 MB/s sequential read speed, up to 580 sequential write speed.The crazy thing is the PCIe storage will boot up like a regular hard drive,so in essence you can incorporate this as your main C drive and load your operating system on it. Also there is no need for you to incorporate any hardware drivers,just simply plug-and-play.

So as you can see,it has some pretty decent specs,but what about the price of the Plextor M6e 256GB PCIe storage solid state storage drive,it will cost you just $235 and you can now purchase it from Amazon. Now you might be asking how at that price is it considered to be a steal,which basically costs the same as a regular SSD,well like I stated earlier,this particular storage device is dirt cheap compared to other PCIe storage drives on the market where you'll pay in upwards of about $500 or more.

If you're looking to add more storage to your desktop PC and don't want to compromise any space, the Plextor M6e PCIe SSD would you be your best and cheapest option.


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