Explanation Needed: Image Stabilization In Smartphones

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If you've owned a smartphone for the past two years or so,you might have seen the words image stabilization crop up in your smartphones camera specs. Now those in the tech geek community know exactly what those two words mean, and to us its a pretty big deal. To the average Joe consumer who owns a smartphone they probably aren't familiar the overall technical specs of the camera,let alone image stabilization.


There are many techniques to image stabilization,but the main mission for this technology is to reduce blurring images that's usually associated with the motion of the camera.The technology compensates for the sudden tilt or angular movement. When you have image stabilization, you have decreased,much slower shutter speeds. Slower shutter speeds  leads to smartphone camera ability to take pictures in low light.



Image stabilization is all about the cameras mechanics,the cameras you see in smartphones now in particularly the iPhone 6-Plus and Galaxy Note 4 uses a axis gyroscope technology, this form of technology offsets some of the jilt and slight tilt of the camera,kind of like a tune mass damper ball that keeps a sky scraper balance from high winds and earthquakes.


Now image stabilization will not guard against heavy impacting shocks to the smartphones camera,nor will it keep the blurs from occurring if you are doing any running or hard walking. Mainly your camera has to be stationary in your hands to see the effects of image stabilization.