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Tekspecz Holiday Shopping Guide Presents Smartphones: The iPhone 6-Plus,Galaxy Note 4, And The Nexus 6

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In this installment of of the Tekspecz holiday shoppers guide we take a look at smartphones. Now smartphones its pretty hard to get an accurate gauge as to which one will make a great gift because there are so many impressive smartphones that has hit the market in 2014. With me based on what really impressed me I compiled a short list of smartphone that really caught my keen eye and would make a great gift for Xmas.




Samsung Galaxy Note 4

In terms of hardware,pound for pound the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is probably the best Samsung ever constructed. It has a Super-AMOLED 2550 x 1440 resolution display,comes full stocked with 32GB of storage and 3GB of RAM, up to 128GB of microSD storage. Yeah, then there's the 13 megapixel cam with built in image stabilization.



iPhone 6-Plus

If you plan on getting an iPhone for Xmas,then you mine as well purchase the iPhone 6-Plus,probably the best smartphone Apple has made thus far. Now the 6-Plus is not he best hardware within,but it optimizes well with iOS 8,(you can read my full review on the 6-Plus,just click on the archives). Though the iPhone 6-Plus had only 8-megapixels,the device takes some of the best pictures around,bar none. It has a uniquely engineered image stabilization hardware in the smartphone that captures images very well in low light conditions.(Checkout my latest post where I explain the inner workings of Image stabilization)

It also helps that the iPhone 6-Plus has an incredible battery life with its huge 2915 mAh battery.

Noted: The smartphone has not bend yet.




Nexus 6

Incredible hardware,awesome display and most importantly it uses stock Android,no skins or layered software that dilutes the full Android experience. Makes it the primary reason why you should get this smartphone,to me the best Android based smartphone on the market.





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