August SmartLock Solves Could The Age Old Problem: Lost Keys

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OK answer this question,how many times have you either locked yourself out of your house or worst lost your keys? The answer is probably yes,house and apartment owners at one time have had that miscued moment where we misplaced our keys. There are even moments when you're miles away away from your place of dwelling when the inevitable crosses your mind "Did I leave my keys home"?

Good news though,the problem can be solved and it comes in a  form of a app (Yes,there is a app for that) and its call Smartlock,its creator is August.

August SmartLock main intentions is to take the keys out of your pockets, its a mere simple way to manage the lock to your place of dwelling. Locking and unlocking doors is just the tip of the iceberg as what SmartLock can really do, it can control who can enter and who isn't permitted all without the need of any codes or physical keys. You can mange the lock from your smartphone or computer.

You can view log records of who has entered and exited your home,issue keys to family members for 24/7 or program the lock to operate for just a short period of time for housekeepers.


August claims that the installation process is fairly easy,just replace the inner portion of the existing deadbolt without replacing the entire exteriors hardware. The process itself takes only 10 minutes, I can most certainly vouch their claim witnessing the entire installation process on YouTube.

As I mentioned before SmartLock can be operated via smartphone app which you can install on the latest iOS devices (Sorry Android no soup for you), August SmartLock uses a heavy dosage of encrypted locking technology. The SmartLock is an all metal anodized hockey puck design, with a very cool looking LED setup.


The strange thing about SmartLock is you would think communicating with this lock should be wireless, instead it uses Bluetooth technology. Most home automated devices uses the latter. As power source SmartLock uses the standard triple A batteries, its has a encased inside built in sensors that informs the user that batteries needs to be replaced.

Many publishers who've managed to test and review SamrtLock have seem to sing the same tune; When it works its innovation at its finest, when things goes disarray,SmartLock can be a pain in the ass to jump start and get working again.

Nevertheless,SmartLock is welcoming those into the futuristic world of home automation at which will cost you $250 bucks. August SmartLock are currently being sold by Apple where you  can purchase via online or at your nearest Apple store.


Quick Note: Just to be clear,SmartLock aren't the only home automated locks that uses smartphones to unlock and lock doors,there is Kevo and Kwikset.