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PC Tools Weekly: DashLane Password Manager

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Have  you ever logged onto an account,any account be it Amazon, eBay, your bank, even your social media account like Facebook then suddenly the worst case scenario happens; "Uh what's the password again?" Then even the worst happens,while observing your credit card or bank statement you notice unauthorized purchases from Amazon,yeah you been breached. Some clever soulless individual manage to gain access to your password and credit card information,ouch.

This is where a password manager is needed. Lets face it,myself included we all have over a dozen or more accounts that requires a password to access that account,either to maybe pay a bill,use our credit card to online shop,or view hot trends on Twitter.

Dashlane - interface

With a password manager you'll make it very hard for unwanted intruders to gain access to any one of your accounts,some password managers have some forms of high levels encryption that protects all of your accounts under one software. It will also make it very easy for you to remember your password because usually password managers have a password generator that basically acts as a pad lock to all of your accounts. There are several password  managers out there,1Password, LastPass, and PasswordBox,trust me I been through all of these password managers,but the one that has really stoked my interest is Dashlane.

For me Dashlane seems to really go out of their way to protect you accounts, unlike the other password managers Dashlane is very easy to install and does not have  a insanely steep learning curve which for me is very important in any software.


Dashlane has some very impressive features that puts this password manager in a class of its own. One feature I just love is the Password Changer which allows users to change passwords to anyone of your accounts with just one click of the green button. This comes in handy when you need to change your password if by chance you suspect any suspicious activity on any of your accounts, or have moments of mental lapse and forgotten your password altogether.



Other noted impressive features in Dashlane its very accurate autofill technology that actually works to precisely to perfection, yet so easy to use. Then there's the security Dashboard which will give you an actual security score on how well your passwords is protecting my account, I scored 43% yikes,not good. Dashlane will also alert users if your accounts have been breached.


Then there's the high level of security that Dashlane implements,it has a AES-256 high level encryption which is standard around the globe, the encryption key is not recorded meaning your data will be delivered from your Master Password,there is no default record of your data.Not even Dashlane will be able to crack your encryption once set. Dashlane also has a two-factor authentication system with Google Authenticator which brings an added layer of protection.


Wait,there's more,Dashlane has a super strong password generator where one password  can be generated with just one click,it is then saved to your password vault, then autofill to your web browser.

I can go on and on about Dashlane,but I'll end it with this. Dashlane is arguably the best app I've recommended on PC Tools Weekly. Its a app that has high level of simplicity, yet not over saturated with useless features,every single feature in DashLane serves a useful purpose. You can download Dashlane as  a free option which is currently in beta format or get the premium edition,the difference with the two is the priced option allows you to sync Dashlane to all of your devices.

Download Dashlane now,its a beast and have spewed positive praises by many in the media and tech community. Its available for the Mac,PC, iOS and Android mobile devices.


Opps I forgot to tell ya: Dashlane also has a secure digital wallet feature where you can store all of your payment types in Dashlane's online wallet. The app automatically capture receipts of all your purchase.Users no long have to store your credit card info on site that's not trusted.






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