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Tekspecz Year Ending Best Tech Awards: Tablets

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Tablets for the most part aren't the big selling ticket item like they were say 4 years ago. Tablets isn't something you have to upgrade every year mainly because even much older tablets can still run the latest mobile OS like iOS 8 and Android Lollipop.You also have to factor in the limited functionality of the device,I myself only use my tablet to view social media feeds,watch movies and surf the Internet. Until the tablet hardware rivals that of the desktop and laptop,the device is what it is,its a form of handheld entertainment(no I don't consider the Surface Pro 3 a full fledged tablet its more of a hybrid PC)

If you haven't purchased a tablet yet,then you're in luck,2014 was a great year for new and improved tablets,most have gorgeous displays, much improved hardware,but only a few can get the Tekspecz Best Tech Award 2014, and they are...



The Best Overall Tablet 2014: The iPad Air 2

This pick here most will agree is not even close. In fact you can probably the make the case for the much older iPad 2 as being the best tablet on the market. The Air 2 is everything you need in a well constructed tablet. It has beautiful compact design,some serious hardware within,and a nice bright retina display which is the main selling point of the Air 2.

Apple just gets it right with their tablets where other 9-inch tablets have gotten it wrong.



The Best 7-inch Tablet 2014: The iPad Mini 3 Retina Display

You can probably make a good strong case for the iPad mini (retina) as being the top tier tablet on the market,let alone being the best 7-inch device in the game. The new iPad Mini is basically the shrunken version of the iPad Air,only thing is the Mini still uses the A7 processor instead of the A8.



The Best software on a tablet 2014: Android Lollipop Nexus 9

Even though I'm a current owner of the iPhone 6-Plus,I do wish Android Lollipop was the devices mobile operating system. Androids Lollipop is probably the most animated,clean operating system I ever seen on a mobile device. Material design looks absolutely stunning.



The Best gaming tablet 2014: Nvidia Shield Tablet

The Nvidia Shield I think will and probably already have change portable gaming from here on out. Its basically a gaming PC that fits in the palm of your hand. It has a sleek,clean design, very stunning 1080p HD display,and has very excellent graphics. The core tech in the Nvidia Shield is its Tegra 4 processor that features an amazing 72-core Nvidia GeForce GPU and quad-core ARM A15 CPU for very intense graphics,and importantly the CPU runs very cool which lends to an extended battery life. Also the Nvidia Shield runs near stock Android Kitkat.


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